Not your average burp cloth.

  • Add-on set includes 2 premium, 100% cotton burp cloths with built-in pockets for hot and cold therapy gel packs (sold separately)
  • Ultra soft and absorbent, with contoured edge to fit the curve of the neck
  • Absorbent terrycloth top panel protects against spit-up and drool
  • Depending on ailment, use middle or lower pockets to localize treatment with hot and cold packs (sold separately)
  • 2 burp cloths included: 1 blue and 1 mint, each measuring 20 x 9.75 inches
  • Best when used with TheraBurpee™ Colic & Fever Rescue Kit


When snuggles aren’t enough, TheraBurpee™ works extra hard to help soothe all kinds of fussies – the natural way!

Created by Laura Biedebach, a certified medical massage practitioner, mother of 4 and grandmother of 6, TheraBurpee™ was born from a desire to help ease common infancy ailments. These premium burp cloths are made of absorbent 100% cotton with specially-designed, built-in pockets that hold fabric-covered gel packs, which can be used for hot or cold therapy (gel packs sold separately). Intended for use with TheraBurpee™ Colic & Fever Rescue Kit, these burp cloths work great on their own as well due to their absorbency, softness and size. Set includes 2 contoured burp cloths.

New to TheraBurpee™? Start with the Colic & Fever Rescue Kit, a holistic treatment kit that includes 2 burp cloths and 2 fabric-covered reusable hot & cold packs.