Sure Shut™

No more saying "shut the door!"

  • Hardware mounted gate
  • Simple push closure allows for easy closing and locking
  • Unique tilting hinge mechanism places less stress on walls
  • Quick-release setting allows for simple and easy removal
  • No bar at the bottom prevents tripping hazards
  • Measures: 30

With the Sure Shut™ Safety Gate by Munchkin installation is easy with its single gate panel configuration made to fit the most common doorway widths with ease, and it’s equipped with a unique tilting spring mechanism to reduce stress on walls every time it’s used. With no bar running along the bottom, this is a safe option to use at the top or bottom of stairs--no tripping hazards! Handy quick-release settings allow for quick and easy removal when needed too. Safe for use anywhere in the home, best suited for staircases.

Safety Warning

  • Children have died or been seriously injured when gates are not securely installed.
  • ALWAYS install and use gates as directed using all required parts.
  • STOP using when a child can climb over or dislodge the gate.
  • Use only with locking mechanism securely engaged.
  • NEVER use a gate to keep child away from pool.
  • Install according to manufacturer