Brica® SmartCover™ Infant Car Seat Cover

Munchkin Brica

BRICA for Munchkin

Comfy, cozy, safe and protected

  • Keep your baby safe and protected with our innovative infant car seat cover
  • Dual layer design with breathable mesh and insulating layer for customized, all season protection
  • Designed using water-resistant performance materials
  • Fits most infant car seats with elastic no-slip grip
  • Wide opening for easy access to baby
  • Includes an adjustable canopy
  • Does not interfere with car seat shoulder straps
  • Machine washable


Brica® by Munchkin’s SmartCover™ Infant Car Seat Cover provides all season comfort and protection for your little one while on the go. Made with water-resistant performance materials, the dual layer design has a breathable mesh layer and an insulating layer that you can customize to your baby’s preferred level of warmth and protect them from the elements. The SmartCover™ fits most infant car seats and includes an elastic no-slip grip which limits side air gaps. In addition, the car seat cover includes a wide zippered opening which allows for easy access to baby as well as a convenient storage pocket to store the dual layers when not in use. And just in case, there is an adjustable canopy for those times your little one needs a little extra protection. Rest knowing that your little one is snug, comfy and safe.