Munchkin On the Go™ Travel Accessory Set

BRICA for Munchkin

Prepped and ready to go!

  • Seat Guardian™ is a durable, crash-tested seat cover that helps protect car upholstery from indentations, spills and stains and also features Xtra-Grip™ traction pads to help prevent slips
  • Sun Safety™ Roller Shade features a patented White Hot® indicator that turns white when the car is too hot and the adjustable swivel clips and suction cups ensure a secure fit
  • DualSight™ Mirror offers a vivid reflection and has multiple attachments to view either your forward-facing or rear-facing child
  • Deluxe Kick Mat™ protects against dirt and moisture, is made of Grime Guard™ fabric and has a universal fit
  • Munchkin On the Go™ Safety Sign is made from a weather-resistant, reflective and magnetic material


Car trips are essential with kids, whether it’s just down the street, to the store or cross-country. Thankfully, the Brica® Munchkin On the Go™ Travel Accessory Set has everything you will need. This set includes: (1) Seat Guardian™, (1) Sun Safety™ Roller Shade, (1) Deluxe Kick Mat™, (1) DualSight™ Mirror, and (1) Munchkin On the Go™ safety sign. The Seat Guardian™ helps protect your car’s upholstery from car seat compression damage, while the Grime Guard™ fabric helps protect seats against dirt and moisture. Plus, our Xtra-Grip™ traction pads help prevent slipping. The Deluxe Kick Mat™ is essential once your toddler moves to forward facing car seats and will also protect the back of your seats from inevitable kicks with dirty shoes! The DualSight™ mirror and Sun Safety™ Roller shade will easily grow with your baby, offering safe and convenient ways to view and protect your child. And last but not least, the magnetic Munchkin On The Go™ safety sign is a must for any traveling parent! Let’s travel together!