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What is HYP03?

Introducing HYP03, one of the first baby safe skin remedies to use Hypochlorous.

A three element remedy that’s already in production in your body. Modeled after the immune system’s first response for healing, it vaporizes rash-causing bacteria right at the source.

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How is HYP03 different?


While creams merely cover-up the problem, HYP03 removes rash-causing bacteria at the source. Soothe and heal the skin gently and effectively. Doctor recommended.


Non-toxic, gentle and efficient. HYP03 is steroid free. Made with 100% natural ingredients.


Spray directly on skin. Great for the face, scalp, and around eyes. No residue, no mess, no need to rub in or rinse off.


Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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What makes HYP03 special?

Bacteria and germs are the leading cause for diaper rash and eczema. HYP03 uses water, salt, and electricity – in the form of Hypochlorous — to make a safe and powerful cleanser for germs and to promote healing of the skin. Other products use zinc-oxide and creams to cover diaper rash and eczema. HYP03 targets bacteria directly to promote healing of the skin.

No messy creams required, nor does it leave any residue. Just spray for a cleaner and more convenient way to treat the skin.

What is Hypochlorous?

Hypochlorous has been widely used by doctors and hospitals for its effectiveness and safety. Dermatologists have also begun using it to fight skin infections and speed up wound healing. Only until recently have we discovered how to bottle it and keep it long lasting for you to use.

Made by our own white blood cells, Hypochlorous is already made inside our bodies to fight infection and to improve healing. We replicate nature’s chemistry by using electrolysis to breakdown saltwater and bottle it for a powerful medical-grade skin therapy at home that is also safe to use around baby’s most sensitive areas of skin.

Because Hypochlorous has a neutral charge, it does not repel bacteria but attracts them allowing Hypochlorous to easily penetrate the bacteria walls without doing any harm to you.

How safe is HYP03 to use?

Because of HYP03’s all-natural ingredients, our Diaper Rash Spray and Eczema Spray is safe to use on even our body’s most sensitive parts and is 100% hypoallergenic. Use on eyelids, scalp, groin, open wounds and other areas. No rinsing required.

HYP03 is also FDA approved and doctor recommended.

How often should HYP03’s Diaper Rash Spray and Eczema Spray be used?

For Diaper Rash Spray we recommend to spray on skin after every diaper change.

For Eczema Spray’s best results we recommend spray affected skin consistently every few hours, especially during the first few days of treatment. Use several times a day as needed.

Because HYP03 is steroid-free, it has no limits on number of usages per day. No need to rub in or rinse off.

What do I do if HYP03 is accidentally ingested?

HYP03 uses a non-toxic formula and is generally not harmful. However ingesting HYP03 is not recommended. If accidentally ingested, please sip on water immediately after.

Daily Diaper
Rash Spray

Hyp03 Icon DDRS Diaper Safe enough to use daily
Hyp03 Icon DDRS Cross Prescription strength formula
Hyp03 Icon DDRS No Mess No mess — just spray!
Hyp03 Icon DDRS Drop Sting free on the most sensitive parts
Hyp03 Icon DDRS Badge Pediatrician recommended
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Eczema Spray

Hyp03 Icon Safer Safe enough to use daily
Hyp03 Icon Cross Prescription strength formula
Hyp03 Icon Itch Helps relieve itch
Hyp03 Icon Sting Sting free even in the eyes
Hyp03 Icon Recomended Dermatologist recommended
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